Main Building

The school has a spacious and decently furnished multipurpose Auditorium with a seating capacity of 200. The stage is well equipped with facilities like LCD Projector, Screen, excellent quality lighting and sound system which adds to the beauty in its ambience. It is regularly used for various cultural activities, National and International Festivals 'throughout the year'.


The school has airy, well ventilated and well equipped classrooms with green boards, display boards which enables the students with better learning opportunities. The display boards in the rooms are decorated every month by the students with a new theme which empower them with innovative ideas.

BCM´s Library is established to ensure that all Members of the school community have equitable access to books and reading, to information and to information technology. The school is justifiably proud of a spacious 1 library. The primary library consists of more than 4,000 books which include text books, reference books and encyclopaedias. Our libraries are vibrant educational hubs which has subscription of about 4 magazines in different languages. The school subscribes about 4 newspapers in various languages. Our library takes into account the needs of all students.

Keeping in mind that Mathematics is an indispensable part of school curriculum, the school has set up it´s own Mathematics laboratories, for both Seniors and Juniors. It is a place where students can experiment and explore patterns and ideas. For this, computers are installed where Maths is taught as an activity in the form of games and puzzles. Numerous Mathematics Models are displayed for better understanding.


" "Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life´s coming attractions" Albert Einstein. The school has beautifully decorated Fine Arts Room for Senior Students, which provides opportunities and a perfect ambience to develop artisticand aesthetic interests amongst the students. Students along with their faculty are always seen preparing themselves for national and international fine arts competitions

Art & Culture

The school provides equitable access to Music. It promotes traditional Music education along with western music. The students are taught Vocal and instrumental music. The music room is equipped with good quality string, percussion and key based instruments. Vocal training session are given to the students. Well qualified teachers guide students in accomplishing their aim of being a singer or a musician.

Information Technology

BCM Campus has a well-equipped, fully air conditioned computer lab which is used to teach students computer science and train teachers. To provide IT support to the whole school, the computer department, manages computer lab. Latest educational softwares are installed for the students (Nursery to VIII). The students and teachers are free to access internet any time.


3 playgrounds for Cricket, Badminton, with changing rooms, gymnastics, baseball etc


It is an endeavor of BCM to create such as education system that does not end at learning facts. Besides Interactive learning the school provides spiritual and moral training to the students in the Yagyashala, where the blessings of the almighty are endowed upon the students when they perform 'Havan' daily in it. The birthday students, teachers on special occasions attend 'Havan'. Even the classes go there on rotation basis.

Caters to minor ailments health checkup, first aid etc. an infirmary Incharge is always ready to help anyone in need.

There are separate washrooms for girls and boys. Hygiene and cleanliness are maintained at all times. CCTVS have been installed at the entry points of washrooms. Sweepers are present outside washrooms standing school timing